Wednesday Drill of the Week: Matignon 2v0

A simple post and go shooting drill for this week.

Matignon 2v0


Forwards start at the blue lines, opposite ends go at the same time. One forward leaves with a puck, skates to the red line and passes it to a defenseman. Puck moves D to D, while the opposite forward posts up at the far blue line. After the D to D pass, a quick hitter is made to the posted forward who then passes it to the supporting forward and they attack the net 2v0. The drill then starts again from the other direction.

While the drill itself is simple, there are some nuances that can be added and/or emphasized to increase the degree of difficulty and work on specific skills. For example, the D can do an escape upon receiving the first pass, and the pass up to the forward can be required to be direct or indirect. The forwards can be required to chip the puck or place a good area pass. On the 2v0, the D can be required to follow the play up ice and the forwards can be required to utilize a 2v0 move such as a cross and drop, net drive/far pad shot, etc. The simplicity of the drill allows for players to focus on refining specific skill sets.


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