Workout Mindset

When you begin a workout, what is your mentality? What are you thinking about? What are you focusing on?

It’s easy to go through the motions in the gym. You walk in, loosen up, go through the lifts, add/subtract weight, do some abs, stretch and leave. But is that an effective workout? Is that a good use of your time?

When you’re in the gym, fuel yourself with thoughts of beating your opponents. Push yourself to go harder by thinking of your goals and what you will accomplish. Focus on the task ahead of you and use it as motivation to power through every exercise you do.

As coaches, we don’t allow our athletes to simply go through the motions on the ice during practice. Time in the gym is just as important – why should we allow our athletes to go through the motions there? Attack lifts like you would attack a game – squeeze every ounce of benefit out of time in the gym that you can.

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