Time Management

Most people think that time management is about compartmentalization and making the most of the time that you have. I have a different argument to make today. I believe an important and overlooked part of time management is using the time of day when you are at your best to get the most done. This will maximize your ability to be productive and put you in a great mindset to continue to be productive for the duration of your day.

Personally, I am a morning person. I am at my best and sharpest first thing in the morning. I know many people that are afternoon or night people – they are at their best at those times of day. It doesn’t make a difference as to what part of the day you are most effective, it does matter what you do with that time. Making the most of the time that you are at your best will help you to be the very best you can be.


2 Responses to Time Management

  1. Working at your peak is a great strategy. Listening to your bio rhythm and doing the most valuable tasks at your peak energy zone is brilliant.

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