What Is The Win?

More great stuff from Leadership Freak – I love this part about “What is the Win?”.

The question is, “What is the win?” Define success in behavioral and emotional terms.

  1. What does winning look and feel like?
  2. What improved results are we seeking?
  3. How will we act differently?
  4. How will success be measured?
  5. What does implementation look like?
  6. Who are the champions?
  7. How will we celebrate wins and correct failures?

As coaches, we must define wins on a regular basis. What does winning a workout look like? What does winning a practice look like? What does winning a recruiting class look like? Winning a game (that you might have lost on the scoreboard)? Winning a year? Coaching is all about developing people through technique and motivation. You must define winning and how we will change behavior before you can go out and do it.


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