Wednesday Drill of the Week: Double Rim

This week is a Defensemen pinch/shooting drill.

Double Rim


This drill starts with two D in position on the strong side of the blue line. Coach will move a puck up the wall (either through a hard rim up the runner, a chip off the glass, a hard play off the dasher, etc – test your defensemen and their ability to pinch pucks in on the wall), the D will stop it, control it, move it D-D who will then take a shot. Once the shot is taken, coach will hard rim a puck the other direction, the D need to move to the other side of the ice, stop the puck, control it, move it D-D for a shot. D need to focus on stopping pucks on the wall, controlling them, and making good hard passes to their partner. The partner in the middle of the ice should focus on keeping their feet pointed up ice, presenting a good target, and keeping their eyes up when they shoot.

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