The Power of Social Media

Note: This is the second post in a series about social media, its power, and how to use it effectively.

Through social media, people now have the power to connect and communicate with anyone, instantly. This is a power unlike any we have ever had. Information is shared across time zones and continents. Connections are made between people sharing similar interests. Messages are sent and received as fast as your phone and data carrier allows. It is truly amazing how we can communicate in the year 2013.

The power of these mediums is evident by some events in recent history. The Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East were organized through social media. The uproar over Mike Rice’s behavior at Rutgers was largely through social media. Organizations/Companies/Teams/Shows use social media as a way to broadcast their brand and measure reactions/connections to their product or service. People can log and measure reactions and thoughts in real time over a variety of events.

Social media also has the power to create a scrapbook of your life. You can go online and have pictures, notes and comments over the entirety of your online existence. What you did, who you did it with, where you traveled, where you worked, went to school, etc. All of this information is now online – and not just for you. Depending on your security settings, anyone with an account can check in on your online history. People can see what you’ve done, who you’ve done it with, and how you interact with people. Right or wrong, it serves as an instant background check for employers and anyone else looking to get to know you.

Social media has connected people like never before, created a way for people to instantly share thoughts, ideas and opinions, and created an online scrapbook of your life. With this type of power, social media is something that needs to be used strategically and intelligently to create a well rounded online presence that truly represents who you are and what you do.

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