Content With Good?

So many people in the world today are content with good. They are satisfied with the way things are in life – comfortable, relatively successful, but not quite at their pinnacle. By continuing on this path, they will probably lead happy lives but always wonder “What If?” or “Was there something more?”

People that find the highest levels of success and happiness are those that can push themselves to achieve greatness. Those that are unhappy with just doing things at an average level. Those that are uncomfortable with what they have achieved  knowing there could have been something more. These people also surround themselves with those that will push them to greatness. Coaches, teachers and mentors who show areas of improvement and speak the truth about where things could have been better.

Given the choice between the easy road to mediocrity and the hard road to high level success, the brain will always take the easy way out. It is hard wired into our DNA – a survival instinct. The failures you encounter on the road to success are what causes the brain to want to settle. This is mental toughness. Are you content with good or are you pushing for greatness?

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