Wednesday Drill of the Week: 2v2 Short/Long

Re-starting my weekly drill. This week is the 2v2 Short/Long Drill. It works on rushes from both sides (offense/defense)

2v2 Short Long


Two forwards (F in a circle) touch the top of the circles, exchange a puck and attack two defensemen 2v2. The two D are cannot play the rush until the coach releases them. On a whistle, the D re-gap and two forwards (XF) leave from the near blue line, touch the top of the far circles, exchange and attack 2v2. The drill then resets and re-starts.

This drill is very good for defensemen to work on their rush defense. It focuses on backwards skating, rush recognition, stick position, pivots, and most importantly – gapping. All of these elements are in play for defensemen. To further increase the difficulty, it is possible to add in a third forward joining the rush late and/or a backchecker. The drill also helps forwards with their rush attack options. Forwards should focus on attacking with speed, creating a 2v1 on a defenseman, driving the net, etc.


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