Daily Planning

There are a number of daily activities that I find vital to my success as a coach. One of them is planning and itemizing my day. Every night before I go home I complete a “To Do” list for the next day. It lists the tasks I have to complete, the phone calls I have to make, and any other items of note. The first thing I do when I arrive at the office in the morning is review my “To Do” list to see if there are any items I left off or that were added overnight. Then I spend a few minutes to think about the timeline of my day and what order I am going to get things done in. I strategize and organize my day based around activities I know that I have to get done and when would be the most productive time to do them.

Completing my “To Do” list and organizing my day is a relatively short and simple task that makes me infinitely more productive. As a coach, it helps to keep me on task and focused on what I have to do next. Without this organization and planning it would be very easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the never-ending work. It is the difference between the quality and the quantity of my work

“Never mistake activity for productivity”


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