The End of a Season

Our season came to a close on Saturday in a hard fought 2-1 loss to the Ephs of Williams College. The reality of playing sports is that at the end of the game, someone wins and someone loses. On Saturday we lost, not because we played poorly or we were outclassed, but because someone wins and someone loses. Our team played a fantastic hockey game – hard hitting, smart and disciplined. We had a consistent next-zone mentality and repeatedly handed off good shifts from one line to the next. There was no quit in our game and we never worried about the height of the mountain, we just kept climbing.

This game was a testament to how our team has progressed throughout the season. We went out and played hard, smart hockey without being overwhelmed by the situation or the environment. The game was easy to play and fun to coach. Over our last eight games, our seniors cemented their legacy on a 4-2-1 stretch that showed our team what it means to play hockey at Colby College. They have left a solid foundation in place for the future and should be incredibly proud of their perseverance and dedication this season. It would have been easy to fold up the tents in mid-January but they righted the ship and directed us to a strong finish.

We now must attack the off season with the same vigor and determination as we attacked the last five weeks. This is the opportunity to put the pieces in place for a great season in 2013-2014. We must improve as individuals, as players, as coaches, and as a team. Every day must be spent getting better and focusing on what needs to be done to make Colby Hockey the best that it can be. I am excited for the future and I cannot wait for the puck to drop on November 1, 2013.

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