Wednesday Drill of the Week: 3v0 Stretch/Drive

This weeks drill is a simple but easy one. It works on skills for both forwards, defensemen and goalies. The name of the drill is 3v0 Stretch/Drive.


The first forward skates towards the D with a puck, and passes it to him when he hits the Red Line. The other forward takes off in a stretch pattern across the far blue. The defenseman passes the puck to the stretching forward, while the first forward does a tight turn at the blue. The stretch forward then carries the puck wide into the zone and goes below the goal line. The other forward follows the play up and stops at the net, while the defenseman comes in dot wide and stops at the other dot. The forward with the puck now has multiple plays at the net front. The drill then starts again on a whistle, going the other direction.

Focus on good passes and attacking the net hard for the skaters. The forwards should make good heads up plays and drive hard. The goalies can work on their depth, as well as their adjustment from a low angle to a high angle.

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