Explosive Power

Explosive power is a critical part of the game of hockey. The ability to quickly accelerate in one direction or another is often pivotal to the way the game is played. Both forwards and defensemen need this first step burst to try to gain an edge on their opponent.

This power can be built up both in the weight room and on the ice. Explosive power in the weight room easily translates to the ice. When lifting, be sure to control the weight and try to generate as much thrust as possible when doing any type of explosive leg lifts. This will help to train your legs and build the explosive power. On the ice, quick acceleration drills will help to improve footwork and skating skills – both critical parts of a skating burst in any direction. Drills requiring stops and starts, a quick start from a standstill, or anything that pushes the limits of your speed and acceleration will be beneficial.

Hockey has become a game of quick transition and seizing opportunity. Players and teams that are able to harness their explosive power and skate effectively to take advantage in transition are going to generate more chances. Push yourself beyond your limits in the weight room and in practice and you will be better prepared when the opportunity presents itself in a game.

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