The Time is Near…

As a NESCAC Hockey Coach, one of the challenges of my job is the limited amount of time we have with our players. November 1 is the first allowable day of practice for Winter Sports in the NESCAC. It is a day that has seemed to be far off but now we are down to 10 days until liftoff. With such a limited timeline, preparation and execution are key, both for the coaching staff and the players.

As a coach working within a limited schedule, it is imperative that you make the most of your time with the team. Understanding how to convey your message and best reach your team is critical to your success. The question is, How?

One of the best parts of the extended time period prior to the season has been the opportunity to ask questions and learn from other coaches. Calling around and asking questions about processes and systems, as well as teaching methods has been an integral part of my development and learning. Not only has this made me a better coach, but it will make my team better this season. With every coach, I always ask about the nuances of what they are trying to do, as well as how it is taught and delivered to the team.

As we have formulated our systems and methodology for this season, another important process has been asking questions about every thought or idea. The key ones being: Why? What are we trying to accomplish? and How will this help us win? This way, our explanations can be well thought out and sincere, as well as pointed towards our long term goals.

Overall, this period before the season starts has a tendency to drag on and feel extremely long. However, when used correctly by the coaches and players alike, it can set in motion critical learning and preparation for a great season.


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