The Importance of Consistency

Consistency is key. It doesn’t matter what you are doing or what you are trying to accomplish, there are few things more important than consistency.

When I’m out evaluating players, I am first looking to see what they can do athletically. After I get a good feel for them as a hockey player, I am next looking for consistency. Do they bring the same things to the table every game? Can I expect them to bring the same level of intensity and compete level?

Consistency and meeting expectations doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. In fact, I like to see a player improving their game and trying to get better every time they step on the ice. But I don’t want a player to sacrifice the consistency in their game. Bring the baseline and then continue to try to stretch yourself.

People like to know what to expect. Whether it is a teacher, a co-worker, a coach, etc., people like to know what to expect. This is why consistency is important. Whatever it is that you do, do it consistently. Bring the same thing day in and day out, while constantly seeking to improve.


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