Wednesday Drill of the Week: Wild Flow

Here it is, this week’s (and last’s) drill of the week:

It is a continuous flow drill, going 1 on 0 into 2 on 1 into 3 on 2. Great for situational play, skating, and line rushes.

The drill starts with forwards in either corner and defensemen on the red line. The first forward goes down on the far net 1 on 0. After shooting, the forward peels off towards the corner, receives a pass from that line, and attacks with support from the forward who passed the puck. A defenseman has stepped out, gapped up and now plays a 2 on 1 rush back. Once this rush plays out, the two forwards swing into the corner, receive a pass from the next person in line and then attack 3 on 2. Two new defensemen have stepped out to play the rush. When this rush hits the far blue line, the next forward goes from the next corner, starting the drill over again 1 on 0.

Keys to this drill for forwards are understanding the ice available to them, attacking open space, reading the defensemen and generating a quality scoring opportunity. Defensemen should focus on gap control, stick position, body position, and understanding the rush that is coming at them. Forwards should be trying to get to the net, while the D should be trying to keep the forward to the outside.


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