Observations from an Airport

I spent a good portion of my morning sitting in an airport in middle America waiting for a connecting flight. I thought I would share an observation:

Don’t underestimate the power of appearance and visual impressions. When looking around, there are many people who head to the airport looking less than their best.

People, by nature, pass judgment on others. People are judging every day based on the only thing they have to go by – appearance. How you present yourself to the world can tell someone many things about you.

Appearance can show respect. How much you respect yourself and how much you respect other people. Putting in the time and effort to make sure you look prepared for the day shows that you care about what other people see when they see you and what image you give off in public.

I certainly understand and believe in the concept that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, when people have no other knowledge of you, appearance has to be used to make a judgment on a person. It can open or close doors that you didn’t even know existed.

You never know who you may meet or run into during the day, regardless if you are travelling or not. Always be prepared to make a good impression.


One Response to Observations from an Airport

  1. lovzies says:

    This is well articulated and thoughtful. My husband often says the very same thing. This concept is resonating more with me every day.

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