Wednesday Drill of the Week: NZ Transition

Neutral Zone Forecheck/Transition to Defense Drill this week…


This drill starts with three red F’s going 3v2 on two blue D. When the rush plays out, a coach blows the whistle and plays a second puck into the neutral zone. Three blue F’s come off the bench to forecheck the puck while the red players attempt to regroup and counter attack. The puck is regrouped and then red attacks the zone 5v5 while blue backchecks to proper defensive positioning. Play can continue as long as desired in the zone, once blue gains possession, they breakout and attack 3v2. The drill then continues, with two new blue D regrouping on the next whistle.

Players must focus on a number of execution points throughout the drill. First, they must properly execute a 3v2 rush on both sides of the puck. Second, players need to work through a neutral zone situation (counter attack and nz forecheck). Finally, a transition to defense/5v5 zone play segment ends the drill for one group. As a complete entity, the drill works different in-game scenarios for every player on both sides of the puck.

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