Wednesday Drill of the Week: Friar Passing/BU Series

I have a warmup/passing series for you this week. This is also a 2-for-1…Drill A on the left side is called Friar Passing, while Drill B on the right side is the BU Series.


Drill A involves four lines and multiple pucks. Multiple players are in each line. It starts with just one puck, player 1 can pass to any other player, he or she then follows the pass to the line they passed to. This continues, with players passing and following their pass. Then add in a second puck, with both pucks moving at once. If they master this, then add a third puck. This drill works on passing, communication and awareness, as players have to identify who they are passing to and communicate at all times.

Drill B is a series. It starts with six players. Three are in one color, three are in another. The first part requires all players to skate around with a puck stickhandling inside the zone. Players work their hands and awareness. On a whistle, it then becomes a passing drill, with just two pucks – one for each color. Players must move around the zone, constantly exchanging the puck. On the second whistle, it becomes 3v3 keep away in the zone. Whichever team has possession must try to pass and maintain possession, while the other group tries to take the puck away. This aspect works both sides of the puck, as well as spacing, support and communication.


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