Wednesday Drill of the Week #4

Up this week: a Goalie Drill. This drill I call the Push-Set Drill. It was a favorite of one of the goalies I worked with at Amherst College this year, Jonathan LaRose. It is a drill that forces the goalie to move from one set position to another, simulating a shot and a rebound.

The goalie sets up on one post, pushing out to the center of the ice. The shooter in the middle takes a shot that is low to the ice on the side the goalie just pushed off from (back towards the original post). The goalie makes the save, then recovers (off the ice aka on their feet) to the second shooter near the dot. This shooter goes low to start and then can progress to shots up high. The goalie alternates posts, getting both sides of the ice. As the drill progresses, the goalie can also recover on the ice using a butterfly slide or butterfly push. The drill is shown inside-out but it can also be done outside-in, where the goalie pushes out to the shooter on the dot and recovers to the middle.

This drill is intended to simulate a game situation of one save, followed by a quick rebound opportunity. Goalies must work on their footwork and their lateral speed, as well as their body control and rebound control. It is imperative that the shooters have proper shot placement, forcing the goalie to move and react to the shots.

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