Accepting Acknowledgement

At the end of a season, a school year, a fiscal year, or any other period of time, there often is an event that recognizes what has happened and awards outstanding performers. These ceremonies are sometimes small (a gathering at someone’s house) or extravagantly large (televised awards shows). No matter the setting, it is important that those receiving recognition are gracious and thankful.

Why do people give awards? To show appreciation and understanding of work that has been done, and to motivate and inspire everyone to do their best. Awards are an important part of how our society recognizes achievement.

When receiving awards, it can be easy to downplay or overstate the accomplishment or achievement you are being recognized for. This often happens when you may have not worked very hard and relied on your natural abilities (downplay) or you worked incredibly hard and you want everyone to know (overstate). Regardless of how you may feel about the acknowledgement, there are many people who have helped you get to where you are and are proud of what you have accomplished.

Thank the people who have helped you along the way, appreciate the hard work that you put in to receive the award, and understand that the only thing harder than doing something once is doing it a second time. 


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