Wednesday Drill of the Week: Irish 3 Shot into 2v1

This week’s drill is a three shot drill that can then turn into a 2 on 1 (or any number of other options). It is a great flow/tempo drill that gets players skating, moving the puck, and playing a situation.

As you can see from the diagram, a defenseman starts the drill with a puck, skates forward and then pivots around the dot. They then skate backwards to the net, transition to forwards behind the net and then come out the other side to make a breakout pass to a forward. The forwards skate two patterns, one through the neutral zone in support (red) and one around the dot for the breakout pass (green). The puck gets moved from the D to the W, and then to the forward who came through the NZ in support, either directly or indirectly (off the boards). The Red F then goes and takes a shot on net, stopping at the net. The Green F picks up a pass from the line they left from, exchanges with the Red line and then goes and takes a shot on net, stopping at the net. The D follows the play up the ice, receiving a pass from the opposite D line, walking towards the middle and delivering a shot on net. This runs simultaneously on both sides of the ice.

After the three shots, there are options available. 1. The drill can stop after all three shots. 2. The two forwards can swing in support, get a pass from a coach, and go 2 on 0 down the other end. 3. The forwards can get a pass and go 2 on 1 on the defenseman.  4. The D can swing back to the other side they came from, join up with the other two forwards on a 3 on 0. Whatever you choose, the drill will be beneficial for your players.

Overall, this drill gets players skating, passing, moving, supporting the puck, attacking the net, screening the goalie, getting D involved in the rush, and playing a situational rush. It can be used with players of all ages, although I suggest the complexities (second part of the drill) wait until the basic patterns are established and known.


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