Wednesday Drill of the Week: San Antonio Stretch Drive

Today I thought I would start a new feature of the blog. Wednesday Drill of the Week. These drills will be of a variety of types and styles, some full ice, some small area, some full team, others position specific, etc.

The first one up is one I picked up this year called San Antonio Post Up. It is a full ice, continuous shooting drill that involves four skaters at any one time.

Three skaters start the drill. X1 (red) leaves and swings through the neutral zone. X2 (teal) skates straight ahead and posts just inside the far blue line. X3 (yellow) posts high in the neutral zone. X4 (purple) passes to X2, who then can fire the puck up to X3 or hit X1 swinging. X1 and X3 then attack the end they came from 2 on 0.

As soon as X4 passes the puck, he posts up inside the far blue line, and X5 (green) posts high in the neutral zone. X2 (teal – received first pass) swings through the neutral zone. X4 receives a pass from the opposite line and hits either X2 or X5 who then attack the net 2 on 0. X4 then swings to start the drill back up the other side of the ice.

This is a continuous, high tempo drill that simulates a post and a quick up through the neutral zone. Players should focus moving the puck quickly accurately, looking to push the tempo and move up ice with speed. Players should attack the blue line aggressively and take the puck to the net with speed.

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