Are You a Catalyst?

In high school chemistry, we all learned about chemicals, compounds, molecules, electrons and chemical reactions. I can remember more than a few explosions, fires and putrid smells coming from the chemistry lab in my high school. How do chemical reactions work? Two elements react when placed together and they create something else. Put two elements of Hydrogen with one Oxygen and it creates water. One Sodium and one Chlorine create salt. Etc. Etc.

Working with these reactions often takes time. In chemistry, there is a substance that can be used in certain reactions to help accelerate the reaction. This is a catalyst. It can cause or accelerate the reaction without being affected itself. Example of a catalyst? Temperature – heat often makes things happen (how many times were experiments done over a bunsen burner?)

Catalysts make a difference in life just like they do in chemical reactions. Catalysts are the people you know that make things happen. They are the ones that know what they want and know what they need to do to get it done. They believe in themselves and their abilities and can help to motivate the people around them. Catalysts can change the game, whether in sports or in business.

Catalysts don’t let the fear of failure keep them from achieving their goals. They use setbacks as a learning experience and an opportunity for improvement. When one path to success gets blocked, catalysts find another way to get the job done. They make great things happen for themselves and the people around them.

Are you a catalyst?


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