Most, if not all people in the world have an adverse reaction to confrontation. Avoidance, back door dealings and softening the blow are common ways to deal with situations that require direct confrontation.

The interesting thing about confrontation is that when you do not approach these situations directly, they often end up worse than they would have otherwise turned out. I can think of many situations where confrontation was avoided or softened and things ended up with a much worse result.

When faced with a situation that requires confrontation, it is critical to approach it in an up-front and honest manner, expressing feelings and thoughts directly. People will appreciate honesty and respect the direct approach. Do not let the fear of consensus impede discussion and progress.

Confronting issues head on leads to better communication, improved trust, and effective problem solving. Confrontation is crucial to successful relationships in all situations.

One Response to Confrontation

  1. Jim says:

    couldn’t agree more. It’s hard to say what needs to be said, but when it is said and it’s all out on the table, things get better. It has been a big part of my development as a coach over the past year. I’m not where I need to be, but I’m getting better at it

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