Attention to Detail

How many times have you been bitten by an elephant? How many times have you been bitten by a mosquito?

So its the little things that count, huh?

In sports and in life, its the details that make the difference. Success doesn’t come from one big and important thing that you do, it comes from keeping up with the thousands of tiny details that make a difference. Its the margins that make the difference. One of the articles I read for my Sport Policy class talked about replication and how everyone will try to mirror what successful companies and people do. It then went on to say that long term successful companies don’t have one or two things they do right, rather they have a culture that pays attention to the little things and executes them successfully every time. This is much harder to replicate on a regular basis than a major act or decision.

In hockey, details can make all the difference in the world. Doing that little extra to get the puck out of the zone can prevent a goal. Sprinting hard to the bench to change can get your teammate on the ice a little sooner. Stick position (offensively and defensively) is critical. All the details add up to determine the outcome of a game.

The difference between being good and being a champion is in the details. So I ask, are you a detail person?

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