Wednesday Drill of the Week: 10 Minute Drill

10 Minute Drill

A 10 minute competition game. Forwards vs D & Goalies. Forwards are trying to score 10 goals (or some other number that you believe to be appropriate).

The drill starts with a 2v1 in one end (right side of the picture). Two F attack one D out of the corner 2v1. After a shot on net or a clear by the D, they receive a pass from their original line and go 2v1 vs the same D down the length of the ice. After the long 2v1 plays out, a new forward starts with a puck from the corner and they go 3v2 (2 new D) down the length of the ice. After the 3v2 hits the blue line, a forward steps out and gets a breakaway down the far end. The drill then starts again with a tight area 2v1 at the net and continues this way for 10 minutes or until the forwards score the allotted number of goals.

A great competition drill, offensive emphasis drill as well as a sneaky conditioning skate for your team.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: D Clear Compeition

This week: an individual skill drill for defenseman to help them work on their ability to clear pucks from the defensive zone.

Clear Competition.jpg

Split your defensemen up into two groups, with one group on each dot. A player from the opposite group stands at the blue line, playing an offensive defenseman.

The first defenseman takes three c-cuts backwards, then open pivots towards the boards to retrieve a puck dumped in. The D is then trying to clear the puck from the defensive zone without it being kept in by his opponent at the blue line or going for icing. A team gets a point for every successful clear (w/o icing) – give the teams equal reps and keep score.

The objective is to utilize what we call “vertical hockey” to get the puck into the neutral zone – lifting it directly into the NZ or going high off the glass.

Some may say this coaches the skill out of hockey. I believe that this is a skill into itself – knowing when you are on an extended shift and under pressure, having the ability to lift a puck out of your zone without it going for icing.


James Clear: Average Speed

James Clear is a writer that I follow on Twitter. His blog is fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone. He focuses on personal development and the path to becoming great. He published a great piece about Average Speed and how it’s about putting in work every day over time.

Read it here:

And follow his blog and on Twitter while you’re at it.


“Attack the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind” – Jim Harbaugh.

One of my favorite sayings from a successful head coach.

We face challenges and obstacles every day in life and every shift in hockey. It isn’t a question of if we are going to encounter something in the path to our goal, but rather how we meet that challenge.

Enthusiasm and energy have the power to overcome almost anything that stands in your way. If you’re excited to take on an obstacle, you have a much greater chance of success.

Example: Tuesday night we played a very good UNE team at home. We went down 1-0 early on a deflected point shot off of a DZ faceoff. Rather than feel sorry for ourselves, we answered with lots of energy – we continue to fight when we went down 2-1 after the first despite outplaying our opponent by a wide margin. The final score? 7-4.

I believe we won on Tuesday night not because of talent, not because of tactics, but because of the energy, effort and enthusiasm that our team showed throughout all 60 minutes of the game. It was infectious and spread like a virus throughout our bench. There was no doubt that we were going to win the game, regardless of what the score was.

“Attack the day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind”

Wednesday Drill of the Week: 4v4 3 Net Game

A summer camp special this week – we’ve instituted it in practices this season and it’s been a huge addition to help our guys develop awareness, feel and creativity on the ice.

4v4 3 Nets

The drill is 4v4. Players are on two teams on the benches. They can score on any net – the net in the middle of the ice is worth 2 points. Change on the whistle. If you only have two goalies, use a small net for the NZ goal.

Coaches should encourage change of direction, using the whole ice, and communication in this drill – the more the players spread out and utilize space, the better their chances for success.

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Laker 2v2

WDotW Returns! A great full team rush/oz play drill courtesy of one of the two Laker programs in NCAA D1.

Laker 2v2

The drill starts with F1s crossing and exchanging a puck near the top of the circles. Two D start at the blueline and play the rush 2v2 back into the zone. Once in zone, two D (D2) come and play the offensive points while F1s and D1s play 2v2 below the tops of the circles. F1 can use D2 at the offensive blue line to maintain possession and generate point shots. On the whistle, F2’s cross and exchange a puck, attacking D2 down the ice into the far zone 2v2 – two D1’s join to play offensive points. The drill is then continuous, with the next pair beginning their attack on the whistle.

One Word 2016

For those of you that know author Jon Gordon, he has a book titled “One Word That Will Change Your Life

The premise is to create discipline through simplicity – find one thing to focus your energy on and use that as your guiding principle for the year. Every year, Jon has a new “One Word” for himself as a target area for growth. We all have areas that we can improve upon and ways that we want to do better in life.

Personally, my “One Word” for 2016 is punctuality. While this obviously refers to times for meetings, appointments and the like, I also believe it applies to other areas of life as well. I see punctuality including housework, grocery shopping, making my lunch every day, etc. I also see it as making sure I post to this blog every week (I think this is the first post since October???).

Punctuality requires diligence and a little more attention to detail in all areas of my life. Learning how to say no to something, or ask others for help when I truly can’t get something done. I know that focusing on my “One Word” for 2016 will help me become a better coach, husband, friend and person.


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